Magic Happy Funland was a project that was done on a dare from a good friend. He told me my web skills were weak and that he could tell I was using templates. He dared me to make a real web page that would have some neat features and was made entirely from scratch. The "Magic Happy Funland" name was what he said would be a good name. I think he meant it as a joke...I thought it was odd enough to use.
The Disaster Area was something I did out of curiosity. I tend to visit a lot of Forums and was fascinated by the functions and speed at which the commands were executed. No one in their right mind would let a total novice at the controls of their established forums, so I figured the best bet would be to make my own. I have since modified to a point where I am pretty happy with the results.
Angelfire freebee site was really the first site that I made. There were a couple of others, however they were mostly just a way for me to host images. I did modify this a lot from it's original design, but much of the basic layout is still from the template.
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